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The first challenge on TYR EXPRESSions!

To start off the new site with a bang, we have a writing challenge for you!

The theme: Sex and the Seasons

Each of the four seasons has such delicious differences. You long for a cold winter night snuggling under the blankets with your lover... or keeping each other roasty toasty warm in front of the fire place.

In the spring, there's the warm breath of a new season that might ruffle through a woman's hair or sweep along a lover's skin, awakening lust like the first flowers of the year reaching for the light.

The summer, heat... sweat... the need to skinny dip just to cool your fevered skin? Temptation and the need to shed your clothes, how does it get any better than that?

Fall, not just for the season but for the one that you love. Long walks in the brisk air, cheeks flushed with the chill. Hands sliding beneath layers of fabric, heating flesh with need and want.

How do the seasons affect love and lust with the Riders? What does it add to their love lives? That's the challenge for you to write!

Pick a rider, pick a season (or two, or three, or all four!) and write the story.

Stories should be at least three pages (single-spaced), with no upper limit on the length. Just tell a GREAT story!!!

Deadline for this challenge is September 30, 2007.












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