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**   Submissions should preferably be made as Microsoft Word documents (.doc). If you don't have Word, please convert to plain text.

**   Send stories as attachments by using the e-mail link below, or to: tyr_expressions @

**   In addition to attaching the story, please include in your e-mail:

- Your author name (this can be a "pen" name)
- The e-mail address for feedback (if it's different from the one you're using to submit the story)
- A short summary of the story
- The main character(s)
- Which graphic (if any) you'd like for your story (see the Graphics page for choices)
- Is this a complete story, or a work in progress?

General Information:

**   Please note that all stories need to be proofread before submitting them. Here at EXPRESSions we simply don't have the time to proof and edit each story. We highly recommend using the services of a beta reader to catch not only grammar and punctuation issues, but also to provide feedback on continuity within the story and adherence to show canon (if applicable - see the note about AU's).    If you don't have a beta reader in mind, there's an excellent TYR writing forum located at Writers Ranch Forum. You can ask for assistance under the Plea for Help forum. (Just make sure to note in your post that the story is for EXPRESSions so no one gets shocked by the adult themes!)

**   On occasion while coding and formatting story pages, it becomes obvious that a submission has not had the necessary beta work done (numerous typos, lack of common punctuation, etc.). We reserve the right to reject any such story until corrections have been made.

**   It seems obvious, but . . . This site is dedicated to fiction based on The Young Riders. Original characters are certainly welcome in your stories (and are quite necessary in many cases), but the main focus should be on the TYR characters we all know and love. And along that same line, please keep the fiction focused on the characters, not on the actors who brought the characters to life.

**   Alternate Universe (AU) stories are welcome - just note that it's an AU in your story summary. And remember, we still need to recognize "our" TYR characters even if they're saving the universe with Duck Dodgers in the 24 century!

**   This site is for adult fiction, so SLASH (same-sex) stories are accepted. However, we respect that some people prefer not to read those stories. If you submit a slash story, please note this in your summary. That way, everyone has fair warning.


** While we'd love to be able to do individual graphics for each story, there's a little thing called REAL LIFE that keeps getting in the way! So we have some general graphics available featuring the main characters and couples from the show. The graphics are designed to highlight the main character(s) for a story, and to give the site a uniform look. Check out the Graphics link to see the options.

** When you submit your story, just let us know which graphic you'd like. It will be personalized with the title of your story and your author name.


** In order to post a story online, there's a little thing called coding that needs to be done. It can get to be rather time-consuming when there are a lot of stories waiting. Now it is absolutely not required that you do any coding to submit a story here! But if you're willing to give it a shot, it would speed up the posting process. And you really don't have to be a HTML expert because all we need are a few basics:

i Text in Italics
b Text in Bold
CENTER Centered text

** The codes (I, B, CENTER) are enclosed in < > -- in normal HTML coding, anything between those symbols "disappears." (Just a side note here - don't use < > to enclose Ike's "speech" because it will not show up. When Ike speaks, *put asterisks on either side* to set it off.)

** To make text italic just type <i> at the beginning. To return to normal text put </i> at the end. And the same thing applies for <b> bold</b> text.

<center>Or for centered text. </center>

** You don't need to do any coding for the title because that's on the graphic. And the template for the page will already include a link for your e-mail information. But do put <P> at the beginning of each paragraph to put an extra line break in.

** Here's a link to a coding page from the Writer's Ranch with more information: Coding Example